Hand In Hand

New Product

The story behind this design is to highlight one of the most underrated part of our body. Our hands. I decided to use the Chinese character for hand, "手", in this design as "手" looks like fingers reaching out. I drew two pairs of "手" each representing a communicator and a connector.   As I type the contents onto this webpage, I realised I would never be able to communicate to you the message behind this design if not for my fingers that cruise over the the keyboard keying each letter translating my thoughts into words for you.They are my bridge to you....

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Beginning of Ends...

As the year 2015 comes to a close, we like to say a BIG THANK YOU to our family and friends who have supported us by coming by to our pop up booths and sharing our products with your friends. And of course not forgetting our customers...thank you for giving us your time to share our products with you:) It has been a rewarding experience interacting with you all! We will definitely come up with newer and more interesting designs and products in the year 2016! Stay tuned to Nestled Ellipsis!  Before the year comes to an end, we just like to...

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We met a little old man at the Christmas Carousel Market @ Capitol Piazza and after browsing our products he penned down a Chinese phrase for us: 物轻情意重 = although the object is light the meaning/sentiment behind it is heavy. He thought this phrase aptly describes the essence of our products. This really made our day!!! His words definitely serve as an inspiration and encouragement to create more products along this line... Thank you Uncle!

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Making some noise @ Noise Singapore Festival 2015!!!


We are happy to be featured as one of the 6 chosen artists/designers to showcase our products at Noise Singapore Festival 2015! To enhance your viewing experience, we have displayed write-ups of the concept/idea behind the design of each book and card. We hope that you can enjoy the products more so that way :) If you like them, they are available for sale and you can take them home there and then!  At the exhibition, there are many interesting art, design, photography works as well. We really like the concept of having artists/designers/photographers to pen down their thoughts of what inspires them,...

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mini notebooks

Mini Notebook

mini notebooks are now available! these mini notebooks are 1/4 of A4 size, which is a handy size to carry around. now you can jot down your ideas and thoughts any time, any where. take a look at our collection here.

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